Blue's Safety Committee

Safety is of the utmost importance, which is why we created Blue’s Safety Committee. This committee was established to help ensure safe operations in all aspects of our business through the promotion of workplace safety. For safety to be effective, it must be incorporated at all levels; to accomplish this committee members consist of members from management, office, warehouse, as well as field personnel.

Blue’s Safety Committee’s directive is to provide a forum, which will thoroughly hear, address, analyze, update, change, and enhance our safety program and its procedures. The Safety Committee is responsible for:

  • Reviewing and updating the safety manual
  • Continually appraising all work sites to identify safety hazards; including the review and evaluation of third party reports, new projects, and changes in work tasks, operations and processes for appropriate safety measures
  • The safety review of all work conditions
  • Training and retraining procedures for employees
  • Reviewing the investigation of all accidents, near misses and work related illnesses
  • Receiving and discussing recommendations to improve the safety program
  • Procedural changes or updates to the safety program when necessary and the general safety of all operations

Contact Information

Leo Ibarra - Safety Director

Jordan Carter - Safety Administrator